Early Help CAF and My Support Plan

Early Help CAF in Practice:

Guide to key assessment tools Brief explanation of key assessment tools, including Early Help CAF, My Support Plan, My Plan, Single Assessment, etc.
FAQs – EH CAF and My Support Plan A helpful guide to the use of Early Help CAFs and My Support Plans
EH CAF exemplar A completed example of a ‘good’ Early Help CAF for reference
Closing and EH CAF
Team around the Child (TAC) How to run a Team around the Child (TAC)
Meeting problems How to deal with problems in a meeting
Overcoming barriers to parental engagement Tips for overcoming problems with parental engagement
Expectant young mums – EH CAF pathway Flowchart showing a summary guide of actions to support expectant young mums.  See also the related practice standards document.
Lead Professionals for EH CAF – roles/responsibilities Explanation of the roles and responsibilities of a lead professional for an Early Help CAF
EH CAF and Social Care Protocol Also known as the ‘step up, step down’ process, this document explains how Children’s Social Care work closely with Early Help professionals to ensure the child’s journey is seamless across safeguarding thresholds